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Speech Therapist

Summary of the job:

Provide prevention, assessment, and remediation services for students who exhibit difficulties in the areas of language, speech, voice, and fluency. These services are designed to help children meet their educational needs and goals.

Essential duties of the job: 

  • Address the various needs and goals identified by the Educational Services Coordinator.
  • Organize a program that addresses local school speech-language goals.
  • Work cooperatively with teachers and principals to meet the speech therapy needs of students.
  • Coordinate speech-language services with student services provided by other school personnel.
  • Keep data for program planning and decision making for students and ensure that appropriate safeguards for confidentiality are in place.
  • Conduct speech, language, and hearing screenings.
  • Select appropriate assessments based on individual student needs.
  • Observe students in the classroom setting as needed.
  • Obtain additional diagnostic information from appropriate persons and records for speech-language purposes (e.g., medical records, case histories, IEPs).
  • Analyze and interpret information to make recommendations regarding the need for speech-language services.
  • Collaborate and/or consult with classroom teachers, principals, and parents in the management of speech-language disorders.
  • Provide speech-language interventions appropriate for individual students or groups of students.
  • Use systematic procedures for review of student progress and adjust intervention strategies based on student performance.
  • Make recommendations and referrals for audiological/medical and related services not provided by the school.

Additional Responsibilities: 

  • Engage in continuing education and professional growth activities related to speech-language-hearing and education
  • Help school personnel and parents learn about speech, language, and hearing matters by providing information on an informal and formal basis
  • Fulfill other duties as requested by the supervisor

Job Specifications:

  • Training in dealing with speech difficulties such as articulation, lisps, and other common childhood difficulties
  • Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from an accredited school
  • Two years of related experience, preferably in an educational setting
  • Knowledge of current best practices in the area of speech-language pathology as well as the current “tools of the trade”
  • Ability to diagnose speech-language pathology
  • Skill in providing appropriate speech-language therapy
  • Experience in counseling parents as to how they can assist their children
  • Flexible and willing to work closely with classroom teachers
  • Willingness to work in collaboration with other personnel in the student services department
  • Ability to make or design materials not available at Faith Academy
  • Ability to establish or reestablish a program that may have not have been operating for a time
  • Effective communication skills and an ability to work collaboratively
  • Commitment to meeting the needs of a diverse student population
  • Commitment to one’s own learning
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Flexible and able to work independently
  • Able to problem solve
  • High level of professional and ethical standards